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I would love to photograph your love story. We will meet person-to-person to chat about your love story in a convenient, relaxed place: my studio, a coffee shop, a park, or a place you suggest. We will need this chat to understand what YOU expect your photos to capture and how YOU want to be photographed.

I am the best at photographing the highest points and the most special moments in a ceremony. I know exactly where to stand to capture the most precious reactions without getting in anyone’s way. I usually have 2 photographers while memorializing a wedding.

My role while photographing people in love, engagements, and weddings is to capture those most special moments as they are being lived. You will love living those intimate moments while knowing that they are being captured in a sensitive, endearing manner.

Whether you want a beautiful photo record of your romantic stroll in a park or of a sweet date on a beach — spontaneous or posed by me — I can guide you through the process to both confidence and authenticity. 

School senior photo sessions take place usually in the spring, summer, or fall before the senior year. Think how these students would love to be remembered 30 years from now, to help us make that a reality during the senior session.
From a discrete distance, Tropilo Photography will capture the young adult’s zeal and authenticity: while playing sports or an instrument, doing their hobby, or relaxing out in the world — strolling in the park or posing in their favorite scenery.

A pre-session consultation is a must, but not stressful. We can discuss places, backgrounds, outfits, moods, and the whole look that agrees with your vision. Parents need to come to the session, but will stay nearby and apart for privacy. Mequon and the North Shore, other suburbs, historic Cedarburg, and downtown Milwaukee also have many iconic places I have used as backgrounds.

You could combine senior portraits with family portraits, by the way. This is a great idea logistically: everyone will remember their time together forever, and parents need to come to a student session anyway. 

As a mom of two kids growing up fast, I know how important it is for parents to have the whole family look really good and happy in their family portraits. I bet that I can do this for you, most likely using only natural light and relaxed settings. I will use my studio setting (also relaxing) and additional light — if needed or on your request.

You wish to celebrate and preserve memories of growing up and being together. I can make this wish come true for you. And I can also memorialize your family in environments that have significance to you: your garden, your park, the Lake Michigan shoreline, or picturesque sights near your home or in urban Milwaukee.

I can photograph not just the faces, but the tender feelings between family members. Nobody needs to worry that they are not photogenic or feel awkward before the camera. Nobody should feel stressed or tense. I will help everyone relax and will make sure everyone will look natural and good in their photographs. I will find good timing to capture precious candid photos during the session. All you bring is yourself, your family, and a good attitude.

You can dress as you prefer. But if you wish, I will help you choose your outfits, ideally consisting of up to 3 colors and free of busy patterns (which are distracting). The shoes and socks should go well with the outfits. I like to use musical instruments and other props, and dogs, in family portraits. They all can add to the family’s story and enrich it. If you bring a dog, please remember to bring a dog sitter along to your photo session.

We should meet in person before the photo session — at the coffee shop or in my studio — to figure out how my creativity and your vision can jointly tell your family story best. We can discuss the outfits, talk about the best time to be photographed, and even what affects the colors you wear can have on the total effect. Me knowing your kid’s name and your kids’ chance to see my face before the shoot will be very helpful.

I’ve been photographing families since 2015. As an experienced photographer I now have lots of tips for moms with babies and toddlers, but also for grandparents and parents, on their dos/don’ts before and during photo sessions. I will share generously, if desired.

I also offer documentary storytelling family sessions, when you invite me to your home and I document your family dynamics, interactions with kids and your spouse, pets, your progress through your everyday chores and jobs, then maybe pastimes. Your everyday life — its story — deserves to be captured and told in photos.

Branding photography shares your brand’s story — improved — through images. It optimally presents you to the world and connects you with your clients, current and prospective.

You can expect VIP treatment at Tropilo Photography: personal, accommodating, and rewarding. During a free consultation, based on your detailed input, we will design the ideal photo session to yield the images you need to enhance your brand’s image, visibility, and competitiveness.

I recommend ordering a packet of multiple differently-styled photos. Having a mini library of such photos can satisfy your brand’s various future needs, while saving you time and money. And selecting multiple good photos will be easy: I will take hundreds of your photos anyway, as real photographers must and do. Why not make good use of the best shots we get?

Your Branding Photography Session could take place at the full service Tropilo Photography studio (in Mequon) or any available location you like. To showcase the personal vibe of your brand, you could choose a Lifestyle Branding Photo session, which is best done at your place of work or recreation.

If you wish, I can enlist the best makeup artist and stylist to help you look like your sharpest, best self — with zero trouble or stress on your part. My clients have praised their experience with this visual stylist and loved the results.

I promise a no-stress to low-stress experience, and a uniquely personal touch. We will have fun while I capture the essence of your brand, as well as a relaxed and interesting time.

Choose one of these BRANDING PHOTO PACKETS:
#1: The session fee is $590.00 (plus special request expenses, if any). You receive 3 high resolution, edited digital images. This session will typically last 30-60 minutes.
#2: The session fee is $790.00 (plus special request expenses, if any). You receive 8 high resolution, edited digital images. This session will typically last at least 60 minutes.
#3: The session fee is $ 1100.00 (plus special request expenses, if any). You receive 15 high resolution, edited digital images. This session will typically last 90-120 minutes.

Powerful, evocative headshots — of leaders, professionals, artists — are trending these days. They are my strong suit, because I have expertise in expressive portraits. These might also be my most enjoyable photographs to work on, alongside you. The examples of my work found on this page will illustrate my point, so see for yourself. I hope you will leave comments with your impressions.

My HEADSHOTS session fee is $390.00. It includes 3 high resolution, edited digital images. This session will typically last 30-60 minutes.

Your Expressive Portraits will reveal those unique emotions and characteristics you wish to share with the world. Your expressive portrait session will take place in a creative, safe environment. I will engage with you by first listening to your story, and then we are going to have fun creating the portraits that express you.

Can’t wait to hear your story and capture the essence of it. 

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